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PECO Pallet Expands Dedicated Network with Company-operated Pallet Management Depot in Memphis

Operation provides local retailers, grocery and beverage distributors with high-quality rental pallet resources supporting efficient product distribution and delivery

Irvington, NY and Memphis, TN – October 26, 2021 – PECO Pallet, Inc., one of North America’s largest providers of pooled rental pallets to the beverage, grocery, and consumer products industries, announced today it has launched a PECO-owned and operated depot in Memphis.

The facility becomes PECO’s eighth company-operated facility in North America. The Memphis site complements more than 80 additional pallet management locations operated by contract partners, typically businesses also involved in commercial and industrial packaging supply, warehousing and freight operations.

According to Eric Sobanski, Ph.D, PECO’s senior vice president of operations, the Memphis depot is a full-service operation providing pallet recovery, repair and maintenance, pallet inventory management, and delivery of high-quality 9-block, 48x40-inch industry-standard rental pallets for regional businesses.

Pallets are the primary platform on which businesses stack, secure and ship products of all types in trucks, intermodal rail containers and other conveyance vehicles. PECO’s network deploys the second largest rental pallet inventory in North America, serving the nation’s big-box retailers, home improvement stores, consumer products companies, grocers, and tens of thousands of local and regional distributors.

“Memphis is an important and growing location for our business,” said Sobanski, who noted that PECO has for some years provided pallet services in Memphis through a partner. “We felt that the time was right to convert this to a company-operated location, with all the additional resources and benefits we can bring to bear to support employees and deliver a quality product and service.”

He added that PECO retained the majority of employees who were under the previous management and has begun to invest in the facility with employee training, upgraded equipment, quality and tools to improve work processes, employee engagement and operating efficiency. As the business grows, the company expects to hire more staff as well as increase investment in tools and equipment.

“We are pleased to welcome the Memphis team to PECO, and we look forward to continuing to provide our Memphis customers with superior, high-quality pallet sourcing services that support the critical shipping and distribution needs of their supply chains,” Sobanski concluded.

About PECO Pallet, Inc. – Irvington, NY-based PECO Pallet is the North American leader in pallet rental services and provides millions of its red block pallets to major grocery and consumer goods manufacturers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. PECO Pallet’s tremendous growth over the last decade reflects the company’s commitment to quality and service. Customers using PECO’s superior pallets experience less product damage, greater efficiency, improved safety, and significant cost savings. For more information about PECO Pallet, please visit www.pecopallet.com.


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