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Superior Pallet Quality

The #1 reason customers switch to PECO

PECO’s commitment to quality is simply unmatched in the pallet industry.

  • We start by building sturdy wood block pallets using high quality, responsibly forested lumber. All wood used in PECO pallets is kiln-dried, which makes it less prone to deflection and breakage and also helps to prevent infestation or mold.
  • Unlike other pallet poolers, PECO sorts, inspects, cleans, and repairs every pallet as needed on every cycle through our depots. Before being reissued, each pallet must pass a rigorous 15-point inspection process.
  • Vision-X, PECO’s innovative automated pallet sorting technology, combines lasers, cameras, and 3D scanners to detect pallet defects and sort by repair type.
  • All employees are thoroughly trained in the inspection process and rewarded with incentives based on quality audits.
  • PECO’s attention to detail ensures that you consistently receive full loads of high quality pallets that work smoothly and safely in automated processing lines.

PECO’s superior quality adds up to significant cost savings due to:

  • Fewer conveyor and palletizer jams
  • Increased safety in racking environments
  • Reduced need for packaging
  • Less damage to products and fewer retailer rejections
  • No need to sort pallets upon delivery
  • Reduced dwell time and storage costs

Want to see the difference PECO quality can make for you? Contact us today!

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