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Improved Safety

Better quality pallets to protect people and products

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at PECO Pallet.

  • PECO Pallet’s strict inspection process eliminates splintered, broken boards and protruding nails that can pose safety problems to both people and products.
  • PECO’s sturdy, well-maintained block pallets are designed to hold loads up to 2,800 lbs (edge-rackable) and can be safely loaded and stored in overhead racks.
  • Our pallets work smoothly in fast-moving automated processing lines, avoiding equipment jams that can lead to injury and costly downtime.


  • No chemical treatments or hazardous materials are ever used on PECO pallets. Our pallets are kept in a secure loop within the grocery/CPG sector and are never used to transport industrial products or hazardous materials.

Don't take risks with the safety of your people or your products. Contact us and switch to PECO today.

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