PECO History

PECO’s commitment to quality and service remains at the heart of today’s growing business.

Quality and Service from the Start

America thrives on competition. But back in the late 1990s, a large overseas corporation had a near-total monopoly on the pallet pooling market. In response, a group of 18 independent pallet recyclers, manufacturers and brokers came together to form the “Pallet Exchange Company,” or “PECO.” The company’s name was later changed to “PECO Pallet, Inc.,” and its pallet pool increased significantly after capital investments by several private equity investors.

PECO's founders recognized the huge potential for a well-maintained pallet pool. And they saw the shortcuts the prevailing monopoly was taking—to the disadvantage of its customers. Consequently, from the very beginning, PECO Pallet made a commitment to provide its customers with superior quality pallets and excellent service.

Continued Growth

In the early years, PECO supplied pallets primarily to private label vendors shipping to club stores. The nation's leading club store became an early PECO supporter because they also wanted to maintain healthy competition in the pallet industry. Several national manufacturers signed on with PECO as well. By working in partnership with these companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency throughout the supply chain, PECO's reputation for quality and service continued to grow.

In the early 2000s, a new executive leadership team transformed PECO from its start-up business model into a North American leader in pallet pooling services. As PECO added more top manufacturers and distributors to its service network, the number of total pallet issues increased dramatically.

North American Expansion

Joe Dagnese was appointed CEO of PECO Pallet in June 2016 and ushered in a new era of innovation and expansion throughout North America, with a special emphasis on safety.

PECO Pallet celebrated its 25th year in business in 2022 and is now a dynamic North American leader, pushing the entire pallet industry forward—and forcing the competition to sit up and take notice. By integrating ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles into our business operations, PECO is building a more sustainable organization, with a focus on people and the planet.

Yet, even as PECO continues to grow, we remain respectful and true to our roots. Our passionate commitment to quality and service will always be at the heart of PECO Pallet.

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