Reduced Risk of Injury

Conventional whitewood stringer pallets are still widely used throughout the supply chain. But they are often in such poor condition that splintered boards and protruding nails create a real risk of employee injury. PECO's superior block pallets, however, are carefully maintained and repaired to eliminate those kinds of problems.

PECO's sturdy block construction ensures that pallets can be safely stacked and loaded in high-reaching overhead racks. This reduces the risk of injury due to pallets (or products) falling from above. PECO's high-quality pallets work smoothly in automated processing lines, avoiding equipment jams that might also lead to injury or product damage.

No Harmful Chemicals

PECO Pallets are built and repaired using North American lumber and are kiln-dried to control infestation, mold, and moisture content. No chemical treatments or hazardous materials are ever used on PECO pallets.

Lumber products used to construct and repair PECO pallets are rigorously inspected by an independent third party inspector. And because PECO only supplies the grocery and consumer goods marketplace within a controlled loop, our pallets are never used to transport industrial products or hazardous materials.

SQFI Certified

PECO Pallet is the first pallet company to be certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) for Level 2 HACCP-Based Food Safety Plans. PECO’s depot in Hazleton, PA was audited by SQFI and found to meet or exceed U.S. FDA food safety requirements for packaging and shipping materials. Read more...

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