Wood: Nature's Renewable Resource

  • Wood is fully repairable and recyclable
  • Unlike plastic, wood is all-natural and completely biodegradable
  • PECO uses only domestically sourced Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine lumber
  • PECO pallets are kiln-dried to control infestation, moisture, and mold
  • No harmful chemicals or hazardous materials are ever used on PECO pallets
  • All lumber is responsibly forested in North America
  • No old-growth lumber is ever consumed for PECO pallet construction

Natures Packaging

Reduce Packaging

  • PECO's quality block pallets offer exceptional structural rigidity, eliminating the need for customer-supplied slip sheets or tie sheets to maintain product integrity.
  • Our top deck board count offers optimal coverage, so manufacturers can use thinner gauge cardboard packaging without compromising product security or marketability

Repair and Reuse

  • PECO's sturdy wood block pallets are designed for continued use
  • By efficiently managing our controlled pallet pool, PECO pallets are turned an average of 4.0 times per year
  • Strict control and maintenance standards extend pallet life to over 10 years

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • True 4-way block pallets can be stacked and transported more efficiently than conventional notched stringer pallets
  • PECO Logistics team ensures full truckloads and fuel-efficient transportation
  • PECO avoids empty transportation miles by partnering with Manufacturing and Distribution fleets
  • PECO ships by rail whenever possible to reduce emissions and fuel consumption

Recycle Everything

  • Less than .08% of PECO pallets have to be removed from pallet pool each year
  • All retired materials are recycled into mulch, bark, or livestock bedding
  • Even the nails are removed with magnets and recycled
  • Nothing goes to the landfill
PECO Sustainability
PECO Sustainability