Pallet Flows: No Problem

Our renters just tell us how many pallets they need, and when and where they need them. PECO takes care of all the operations and logistics needed to get them there, with delivery guaranteed within 72 hours.

Renters can choose to set up regular deliveries, enter orders directly through EDI, or manage their inventory online using Red<>Link™.

Simplified Billing

PECO's pricing is straightforward and easy to understand. We offer a fixed "all-in-one" price for every pallet delivered, so there are no surprises on our invoices.

Our customers know in advance what price they will pay, and there are no added charges or hidden fees. It really is that simple!

Easy for Distributors Too

PECO Pallet also makes tremendous efforts to simplify systems for distributors and retailers. Many distributors prefer working with PECO, simply because our high-quality pallets help reduce product damage and streamline operations.

And PECO promptly picks up loads of empty pallets so they don't take up valuable warehouse space and become a nuisance.

PECO Simplicity
PECO Simplicity