Secure Closed-Loop Network

To maintain quality and reduce customer costs, PECO's renters ship only to authorized distributors who participate in PECO's system. The distributor or retailer notifies PECO when pallets are ready to be picked up; a carrier then returns them to the depot to be inspected and repaired as needed.

Throughout the cycle, pallets stay inside the closed loop of PECO's extensive service network, which limits pallet loss and damage and allows us to quickly get high-quality pallets back into the rental pool.

It's Automatic

Nobody wants to spend time keeping track of pallet flows, so PECO makes it easy to automate inventory systems.

Many renters set up recurring orders to ensure a regular supply of PECO pallets. Our systems integrate seamlessly with EDI to place orders and report transfers in and out. And our online tool, Red<>Link™, provides a portal for renters, distributors, and depots to enter data and access detailed information for their accounts.

Red<>Link™ Makes It Simple

Red<>Link™ , PECO's proprietary online pallet management tool, is easy to use and provides a wealth of information for our customers. Users can log in 24 hours a day to place orders, check delivery dates, view invoices, or generate any number of useful “at-a-glance” reports.

At PECO Pallet, we believe in sharing all this information openly, and even make it simple to export Red<>Link™ reports into Excel, .pdf, or other formats. By providing our customers easy access to the same information PECO uses, we can work together to manage pallet flows, identify problem areas, and find new ways to reduce costs.

PECO Control