24/7 Access

Red<>Link™ is web-based, so users can log in from anywhere 24 hours a day to place orders, check delivery dates, view invoices, enter transactions, or track pallet flows. All transactions are updated real-time to ensure that data is reliable and accurate. And Red<>Link™ integrates seamlessly with existing EDI systems to place orders and report transfers in and out.

Shared Information

At PECO Pallet, we believe in sharing information openly. Using Red<>Link™, our customers can generate many useful “at-a-glance” reports that show detailed information about transactions at each location. These Red<>Link™ reports can be sorted by the user and are easy to export into Excel, .pdf, or other formats so data can be shared and analyzed.

Customer Scorecard

One especially useful Red<>Link™ report is what we call the “Customer Scorecard”. This one-page report shows a renter's total issues, transfers in, transfers out, and actual dwell time for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time. Bar graphs for issues, dwell time, and transfer percentage make it easy to identify general trends. The Scorecard also lists the top five transfers out to show exactly where pallets are going.

By providing our customers easy access to the same information PECO uses, we can work together to manage pallet flows, identify problem areas or discrepancies, and find new ways to reduce costs.

PECO Takes Charge

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Simple, But Deep

The Red<>Link™ interface is simple to learn and easy to use. But don't be fooled: there is a huge amount of information beneath the surface, and it's all accessible to users. By “drilling down” from general summary reports, users can track pallet usage by specific location—and even find detailed information about each individual truckload.