PECO Pallet Celebrates 20 Years of Quality and Service

In June 2017, PECO Pallet Inc. celebrated its 20th year in business, and we want to thank all of our customers, distributors, pallet manufacturers, and depot partners for their ongoing support.

Over the last two decades, our company has grown from a cooperative effort of regional pallet recyclers and manufacturers into a North American leader in pallet pooling with an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality wood block pallets and responsive customer service.

PECO Pallet began in June 1997 in Cincinnati, Ohio, when about 20 pallet recyclers, new pallet manufacturers, and brokers organized to form the “Pallet Exchange Company,” or “PECO.” The company’s name was later changed to “PECO Pallet, Inc.,” and its pallet pool increased significantly after capital investments by several private equity investors.

In March 2011, PECO Pallet was acquired by Pritzker Group. This partnership has supported the company's continued expansion throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Today, PECO Pallet has more than 1,600 recovery, sort, manufacturing, and full-service depots across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. PECO’s red wood block pallets are used by top grocery and CPG companies to ship products from more than 2,500 active locations to distribution centers and retailers throughout North America.

The future looks very bright at PECO Pallet. As we look forward to the next 20 years, all of us at PECO are committed to extending our reach, expanding our services, and continuing to drive innovation throughout the supply chain.