PECO's All-in-One Price per Pallet

PECO's pricing is based on a very simple equation. We start with a flat base rate per pallet and then add a per diem charge based on the customer's average dwell time. Dwell time is simply how long a renter or distributor has the pallet in their possession from the first day recorded to the last.

A PECO Sales Representative works with each customer to determine the average dwell time based on prior history. Both parties agree to a fixed price per pallet six months in advance—so PECO's customers know exactly how much they will pay for every pallet they order.

PECO's fixed price per pallet also includes delivery, fuel charge (based on national EIA average), and lumber charge (based on national index).

No Added Fees or Hidden Charges

PECO's invoices are very straightforward: customers are simply charged for the number of pallets they received at the agreed-upon price per pallet. There are no extra fees or added surcharges.

That means no invoicing headaches, no need to reconcile incoming and outgoing pallet flows, and no nasty surprises—ever.