Tracking Pallet Flows

The PECO Service Team ensures timely reporting and tracking of pallet movements throughout the rental cycle, and our regionally-based service managers conduct regular audits to verify inventory counts and maximize pallet utilization.

Service Team representatives also make frequent on-site visits to observe warehouse activity and make recommendations. They provide support for PECO's powerful online tool, Red<>Link™, and work with customers to analyze dwell times and suggest ways to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Education and Training

An important responsibility of the Service Team is educating everyone who handles PECO pallets. Service managers make regular visits to warehouses and retail stores to build relationships and promote best practices. They identify pallet misuse and improper segregation, conduct training, and provide bilingual posters and handouts.

By making sure pallets are properly handled throughout our service network, we reduce pallet damage and loss. This helps PECO maintain the overall quality of our pallet pool and keeps customer costs low.


Although it is truly rare that we have a service issue, our customers know they can count on PECO's Service Team to respond promptly to any concerns or questions—and to research and resolve any problems or reporting discrepancies quickly. In fact, we will actively attempt to resolve any issue within 24 hours.

We work with customers directly to identify the root cause of a problem, and then take steps to solve it and be sure the problem doesn't happen again.