Features & Benefits:

Engineered Around Four Key Values: Quality, Service, Control and Safety

  • Injecting highest quality standards into global supply chains
  • Responsiveness beyond customer expectations

State-of-the-Art High-Tech Pallet Construction

  • Performance that improves your bottom line
  • A total of 26 boards and 138 fasteners per pallet
  • Pallets can be heat-treated to comply with ISPM-15 phytosanitary standards
    (available at an extra charge; allow 5 days for delivery)

Lowest Total Lifecycle Cost per Pallet

  • Each pallet rated at 2,800 lbs. capacity
    - Edge-racked 40" width [1,016mm] width; 34" [864mm] or 36" [864mm] span
    - Edge-racked 48" [1,219mm] width; 44" [1,118mm] span

Strategically Customized Transportation Solutions

  • Solutions focused sales and management team
  • “Close to your door” service and support


Pallet ID

  • PECO 48 x 40 Block Pallet (Decks w/ Clinch)


  • 48.00" x 40.00" x 5.56" [1,219mm x 1,016mm x 141mm]
  • Block-Class
  • Double-Face
  • Non-Reversible
  • Full 4-Way
  • Multiple-Use
  • New Manufacture


Top Deck

Style Deckboard/Stringerboard
Type New Lumber

Number Thickness Width Length
50.688" [17.48mm]3.500" [89mm] 40.00" [1,016mm]
40.688" [17.48mm]5.500" [140mm] 40.00 [1,016mm]

Mat Assembly Method, Mat Fasteners Clinched

Select Top Deck Leadboards

Volume: 7.5 bd ft [0.017698029 cubic meter]

Bottom Deck

Style Perimeter Base
Type New Lumber

Number Thickness Width Length
20.688" [17.48mm]5.500" [140mm] 40.00" [1,016mm]
30.688" [17.48mm]5.500" [140mm]37.00" [940mm]

Volume: 5.0 bd ft [0.011798686 cubic meter]

Top Stringerboards

Type New Lumber

Number Thickness Width Length
30.688" [17.48mm]5.500" [140mm] 48.00" [1,219mm]

Volume: 3.8 bd ft [0.008967001 cubic meter]


Type Lumber
Orientation Sidegrain Nailing

Number Thickness Width Length
3 3.500" [89mm] 5.000" [127mm] or
5.500" [140mm]
3.75" [95.25mm]
63.500" [89mm]5.000" [127mm] or
5.500" [140mm]
7.50" [190.50mm]

Volume: 6.9 bd ft [0.016282187 cubic meter]



Mat FastTD Blk FastBD Blk Fast
Fastener ID
[41.28mm x 2.67mm]
3"X.135" RSB
[76.20mm x 3.43mm]
2.25"X.120" RSB
[57.15mm x 3.05mm]
Fastener Type
Smooth Shank Annular Ring Annular Ring
Fastener Length
1.63" [41.40mm]3.00" [76.20mm]2.25" [57.15mm]
Thread Length
0 2.5" [63.5mm] 1.5" [38.10mm]
Thread Diameter
0 0.141" [3.58mm] 0.126" [3.20mm]
Wire Diameter
0.105" [2.67mm]0.135" [3.43mm]0.120" [3.05mm]
Head Diameter
0.270" [6.86mm]0.285" [7.24mm]0.285" [7.24mm]
0 32 rings/inch 32 rings/inch
60 25 32
Total Number

Top View

Bottom View

Side View


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