Top Quality Lumber

PECO pallets are constructed from high-quality #2 grade Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine lumber that is responsibly forested in North America. Pallets are kiln-dried to control infestation, mold, and moisture content.

No chemical treatments or hazardous materials are ever used on PECO pallets, and all lumber products used to construct and repair PECO pallets are regularly tested by an independent third party inspector.

True Four-Way Entry

Unlike stringer pallets, block pallets can be accessed safely from all four sides. PECO's true four-way entry construction makes block pallets easier to position when loading and unloading trailers, improves shipping density, and reduces freight and handling costs.

Superior Strength and Durability

PECO’s block pallets are much stronger and more durable than conventional stringer pallets because the top deck boards are supported by solid blocks of wood.

Our standard GMA (48”x40”) pallets have a total of 26 boards and 138 fasteners per pallet and are designed to hold up to 2,800-pound loads (edge-rackable). Block pallets also have better top deck coverage (87%) and are safer to use in overhead racks.

Easy to Identify and Sort

All PECO pallets are painted distinctive bold red and marked with the PECO logo to make them easy to identify and sort.

Accurate, Consistent Dimensions

All of PECO's pallets are built to standard dimensions used by the grocery and consumer goods industries. Both GMA (48”x40”) and half pallet (48”x20”) sizes are now available.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we produce pallets of uniform, accurate dimensions, so PECO pallets are ideal for use in today's fast-moving automated production lines.

PECO's reliable quality helps reduce equipment jams that can lead to equipment downtime, product damage, and employee injury.

SQF Certified

PECO Pallet is the first pallet company to be certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) for Level 2 HACCP-Based Food Safety Plans. PECO’s depot in Hazleton, PA was audited by SQFI and found to meet or exceed U.S. FDA food safety requirements for packaging and shipping materials. Read more...