Clean and Clear

Before being reissued, each PECO pallet is cleaned and inspected for any visible contamination. No harmful chemicals or hazardous materials are ever used on PECO pallets, and samples of all lumber products used to construct and repair PECO pallets are rigorously tested by an independent third party inspector.

Repair As Needed

At PECO Pallet, we do not simply repair to an arbitrary damage rate or cost level. We maintain the superior quality of our pallet pool by repairing any pallets that do not meet our strict requirements. Typical damage and repair rates are around 30%.

Every Pallet Inspected

Every time PECO pallets are cycled through one of the depots, they are individually inspected and sorted. Depot employees all work from PECO's Inspection Guidelines to ensure consistent quality standards.

Pallets that are deemed "Ready-for-Use" are cleaned and returned to the pallet pool. Pallets judged as "Work-in-Progress" are repaired before being reissued.

Regular Audits for Quality Control

PECO works closely with our depot partners to make sure they follow our company's stringent inspection standards. Operations Team members regularly visit each depot and take random samples to ensure that pallets are being properly sorted and repaired.

Working together, PECO Pallet and the depots in our North American network constantly evaluate and adjust processes to ensure that our customers continue to receive only top quality pallets in excellent repair.