David Lee President / CEO

dlee@pecopallet.com 914.376.3684

David brings a unique perspective to PECO Pallet, having spent 16 years as a founding member and executive VP of PECO’s largest competitor, CHEP USA. David left CHEP in 1998 and spent several years running GE Capital’s TIP and Modular Space businesses in Europe. Shortly after he was named CEO at PECO Pallet in 2005, David personally recruited PECO’s new leadership team for their professionalism, experience, and integrity. Under his leadership, the company has seen sustained growth of 30%+ each year. David’s energy and genuine enthusiasm inspired the company’s tagline, “We’re Passionate About Pallets™.”

Tom Kuczmarski Chief Financial Officer

tkuczmarski@pecopallet.com 914.376.5185

Tom brings over 20 years of financial experience to his role as CFO of PECO Pallet. He previously managed over $50 billion in assets at General Electric as Global Controller of the Commercial Equipment Financing Division. Tom has also held operating and finance roles at GE Appliances, Power Systems, and GE Capital. His experience includes SEC reporting, Sarbanes-Oxley implementation, corporate audits, information systems, and lean Six-Sigma project management. His sound financial leadership will help guide PECO Pallet’s continued growth in the years to come.

Adrian Potgieter Senior Vice President, Sales

apotgieter@pecopallet.com 914.376.5459

Adrian has a strong background in operations, sales, and technology. Before joining PECO, Adrian worked as Director of Global Supply Chain Operations for the Safeskin Medical Products division at Kimberly-Clark and later served as Vice President of Sales at DSC Logistics. With his unique combination of experience in sales, operations, and supply chain solutions, Adrian is a vital contributor to PECO Pallet’s recent success and increased sales. He also works closely with the rest of the executive team to implement the company’s strategic plans for growth.

Jeff Euritt Senior Vice President, Service

jeuritt@pecopallet.com 914.376.4143

Jeff leads a team of highly motivated Field Customer Service Managers with extensive supply chain experience. His career spans over 25 years and includes leadership roles within manufacturing, distribution, transportation, inventory management, customer service, and supply chain systems implementation within the automotive, industrial, healthcare, and consumer packaged goods sectors. Prior to joining PECO, Jeff was Director of Distribution Network Planning for ConAgra Foods. Within this role he managed several large-scale supply chain initiatives, including the design and implementation of a $400 million integrated distribution network, utilizing state-of-the-art systems and processes. Jeff also managed ConAgra Foods pallet rental program so even before joining PECO he already knew quite a bit about pallets from the customer’s point of view. That perspective helps Jeff, and his team, provide PECO Pallet’s customers with the most outstanding, responsive service in the industry.

Tom Boehme Senior Vice President, Operations

tboehme@pecopallet.com 512.363.5380

Tom’s wide range of operations and management experience make him an ideal candidate to oversee PECO’s Operations Team. Tom previously served as General Manager of the $300 million GE Appliances Consumer Service Business, where he oversaw call centers, parts sales, distribution, and factory repairs nationwide. Tom was also VP of Operations for Black and Decker’s Hardware and Home Improvement Group, managing a team of 3,700 employees at 7 different manufacturing locations in the U.S., Mexico, and China. Since taking charge of PECO Pallet’s nationwide operations and logistics, Tom is especially proud of his team’s consistent 99.5%+ service and quality rating.

Ken Chazotte Vice President of Information Technology

kchazotte@pecopallet.com 914.355.8013

Ken has been designing inventory control and financial management systems for more than 20 years. Prior to joining PECO, Ken implemented systems in Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards and Mas 90 for the manufacturing, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries. Ken and his team are responsible for RED<>LINK™, PECO’s asset-tracking software, as well as managing the communication platforms necessary to support our international team. He is especially proud of the 99.9% uptime achieved across all systems.

Roberto Sobrino Vice President of Business Development and Operations

rsobrino@pecopallet.com 914.233.0291

Roberto has over 15 years of experience working for Procter & Gamble, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Diageo across North America, Europe, and Latin America. Before joining PECO, he served as Senior Finance Director of Manufacturing & Distillation for Diageo North America, driving significant enhancing of long-term profit margins. At PECO Pallet, Roberto is responsible for improving operational performance and developing new businesses.